Thee Invincible Summer (AKA Thee Stout Brogues)

Hazaar 'tis the three chord wonders themselves!!

Month: November, 2015

Per ardua ad astra

Per ardua ad astra – First album demo’s completed… Provisional track listing as follows…

1. In with the old
2. Cling to me (my melancholy baby)
3. The genuine
4. Is that all you take away?
5. Speed thrills
6. Journey to the Red Centre
7. Jet black daffodils
8. New Atlantis
9. Arcadia Mews
10. Champagne coma
11. The fallen dictators retirement village
12. Shaken and disturbed
13. Why can’t we get drunk every day?

14. Per ardua ad astra


Communiqué 0/02

Last operational checks being undertaken. Mission planning fully underway. Local agents informed.