Thee Invincible Summer (AKA Thee Stout Brogues)

Hazaar 'tis the three chord wonders themselves!!

Month: August, 2015

Communiqué 0/01

Excitement is building, initial unmanned test flights have proved successful. Time to unleash the full force of TIS on an unsuspecting Sydney public.


ETA December 1st – Manly area.


Radio transmission intercepted at 04:00 hours…
“New material in the pipeline. Song titles include ‘From Langney Green to Memphis’, ‘Is that all you take away?’, ‘Speed thrills’, ‘The journey to the red centre’, ‘In with the old, out with the new’, ‘Blood red daffodils’, ‘New Atlantis’, ‘Arcadia Mews’, ‘Champagne coma’, ‘The fallen dictators retirement village’, ‘We are shaken and disturbed’ & the anthemic ‘Why can’t we get drunk every day?’

Footage to posted on The U-Tube soon….  Over”

And so it came to pass…

The very moment Mark Woods delivered the coup de grâce at Trent Bridge and England recovered the Ashes, signalled the call to arms that the members of Thee Invincible Summer had been waiting for. Order had been restored, it was time to put away the scorebook and time to plug in the punkrockelectric guitars!
Thee Invincible Summer are delighted to announce that they will be debuting at ‘Melody, Poetry, Desire’ @ Desire Books in Manly on Saturday 26th September
2015. Be sure not to miss them! Festivities start about 2:00pm.

It is going to be very fuzzy indeed!Unknown-1