What ho!

Dear Friends,

The news from the reading room in The Gentlemen’s Club (no names, no pack drill) that Thee Invincible Summer (akaThee Stout Brogues) frequent is as follows: Messrs Stamford-Dingley, Lawrence of St James’s and Langney are buzzing with excitement at the prospect of hitting the rehearsal rooms just as soon as the new edition of Wisden has been published.

Whilst eager to unleash their own brand of whimsical pop punk on the adoring masses, they are cogniscent of the fact that some things take priority. As Mr Johnny so eloquently puts it, “As soon as I’ve checked off the Sussex second XI bowling figures, finished the second pot of PG and polished off my hot buttered marmite on toast then straight to work it is”.

So, there it is. Thee Invincible Summer (aka Thee Stout Brogues) will be coming out to play just as soon as they’ve had their tea!

As ever

Your loyal reporter

Mr Rusty Parmenter